Single source of truth for your specification documents

How it works

How it works?

Step One

Edit, delete or insert a new item in your specification document.

Step Two

Commit your changes

There is no step three

ImmutableDoc automatically publishes the changelog to your team mates on their registered channel(Email or Slack).

A new version of the specification document is commited to your linked source code repository and a task is created in your issue tracker.


Every change is logged

No modification to the specification goes unobserved. Every edit is logged and auto committed to your source code repository. Every single item on the specification document has its history preserved.

Refer to the specification document with ease and precision

The item ids in your specification are immutable. This helps keep everyone in your team on the same page and you can reliably refer to an item using the item id in your team communication.

Always in sync with your issue tracker

Everytime you create, update or delete an item, your issue tracker is updated automatically which keeps your task list current.

Get notified when a specification is modified

Change the specification at a single place and ImmutableDoc will inform all the stake holders automatically. No more missed memos!

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